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Hey There! Thank you so much for following me and my blog! My name is Ashley Stedman and I am the owner of Frozen Frame Photography! I have been a professional photographer for three years now, however the history of photography for me goes way, way back. I believe that in many cases, people and artists have a life changing moment or a lightbulb that goes on in their heads when they talk about their realization of their dream and passion. I would like to say the same, however it is just not true. The art of capturing life and telling a story was always there in my head, my heart and my soul all along. I have always had a camera glued to my hands for as long as i can remember.

My parents were one of the first on the block to have a video camera! There are hours and hours of our lives on these big, clunky VHS tapes showcasing everything from my birth, as well as my sisters births, to playing with our favorite toys, holidays or just dancing to my dad playing the drums (yes I still like to rock out to waiting for tonight by J-LO!) Many times during this cherished home movies, you will hear me asking “daddy, can i look in the camera please?!?” YES, I was probably four years old asking if I could operate the camera! I just knew I was destined to capture the lives of others from behind the lens! Throughout the years, I would be behind the viewfinder, capturing the moments that are held most dear to me. My parents bought me a point-and-shoot when I was around eleven and i held that camera dear to me for the next five years. There wasn’t a sleepover, field trip, Christmas, family reunion, vacation, or trip to the mall that i didn’t document! When i was sixteen, I received my first DSLR for my birthday and it became my best friend. Gradually, I started practicing and trying new techniques. I have been photographing non-stop since then and never stop learning new ways to spread happiness, laughter and joy through photographs.

I have always lived my life wanting to make sure that, yes I should save this event in my memory, but also forever encapsulate this moment within a photograph! I have made it my mission to make this philosophy into a passion and help others who think the same way by capturing their special events for them to forever cherish!

A little bit more about me: I am twenty-five and live with my boyfriend of seven years. We share three animals together. Their names are Sooki and Rambo who are brother and sister Kitties and our very playful golden retriever/ pitbull mix Dexter.

I am obsessed with all things Halloween and Disney, if you are the same as me, we are going to get along that much more!

I have two sisters and the five of us (including my parents of course) are very close.

I used to be a tap dancer when I was younger and sometimes my family or friends will still to this day catch me doing some tap moves while standing there talking or completing a task! I love Zumba and go to the classes three times a week for fitness! We are avid cruisers (our favorite choice for vacations) and I look forward to them all year round!!

When I am not photographing couples and families, I run a vending machine business with my father and babysit four children for a couple that have been family friends for years. I love listening (and dancing to) country and rock music!!

These are just a few of the things of my life that make me who I am and I look forward to going more into depth about all this in my world and in the world of photography as well as showcasing some shoots that I have coming up, including engagements and weddings in the near future. I will be posting to this blog weekly so thank you again for following my blog and I look forward to next time!




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